The Different Uses of Novelty Gifts

Novelty imports have become one of the frequently ordered items from stores. The imports include both novelty products and items that have little distinction. The novelty items commonly are bought for no direct use but as fun making items. The product category mimic the everyday usable products, but in this case, they come with some…

The Sound of Music Themed Inflatables

This week’s highest climber: our selection of musical inflatables

We all fancy ourselves as being Elvis Presley impersonators, which is why one in six of the world’s population are involved in Elvis tribute acts. Or we dream of becoming the next Ed Sheeran or Ariana Grande. For a pop themed party or a similar gathering, our range of music themed inflatables are a smash hit with the crowds.

Fidget Spinners for All Seasons

Fancy a fidget? Novelty Imports looks at the wonders of fidget spinners

From toy shops to market stalls, in offices and classrooms, and on the trains, fidget spinners have become as ubiquitous as premium priced coffee shops. There are various colours; some have three wheels, others four. Some have flashing lights. We at Novelty Imports have a wide variety for sale ourselves.

Carnival Season is Coming!

With summertime along the way, this can only mean one thing: carnival season


Right now, midsummer is on its way on our shores. This is the time we start thinking of barbecues, summer holidays and carnivals. A moment of joy, an explosion of colour, a chance to relax for a week or two. In many parts of the UK, this is where carnival season kicks in: a chance to put the ‘fun’ into fundraising.

A Plug for our Pug Keyrings

Why customers cannot get enough of our Pug keyrings

In the last decade, we have fallen in love with Pugs. They are friendly toy dogs often seen with celebrities. We give them adorable raincoats and – believe or not – Hunter wellies. As well as celebrities, the adorable dogs have found favour with less famous owners, who are attracted to their affable nature as well as cuteness. Just to prove this point further, we at Novelty Imports have had an excellent take up of our latest product line. Our adorable Pug keyrings.

Roll on the Great British Summer Season

Why we at Novelty Imports are eagerly awaiting the summer season

The clocks have gone forward an hour, and thanks to the lighter nights, Britain has emerged from her slumber. Within weeks of this post being published, we shall awaken to a jolly cacophony of festivals, fairground rides, and concerts. In our case, greater demand for novelty goods. With the summer season approaching, this means a chance to present our new product lines.

All the Fun of our Fairground Supplies

How Novelty Imports’ fairground supplies will add colour to any amusement park or travelling funfair

Whether you’re Amanda Thompson or part of a travelling fair, a well organised funfair is the key to entertaining your customers. Such small yet significant touches can be the difference between a returning customer or a bad review on TripAdvisor. As well as the travails of the Grand National or the average Caterpillar ride, side shows are key to the experience. If you’re stuck for fairground supplies, we at Novelty Imports can point you in the right direction.