Our novelty products are constantly changing with some items recently added and others discontinued. Please check out our online shop for all our current lines of novelty items.


**NEW** Complete fundraising kit in a box

Complete fundraising solutions for schools and charities. Soft toys/large pocket money toys/inflatables prizes complete with Novelty Imports win/loose crimped tombola tickets all ready to go.

Our flashing light up glow range of products can include the following popular items:

  • LED Cyber Swords
  • Flashing Sabre Sword
  • LED Baton Wands
  • Spinning LED Windmill
  • Spinning Led Wand
  • Flashing Bunny Rabbit Ears
  • Princess LED Star Wands
  • Flashing Batons
  • Flashing Bubble wands & guns
  • Flashing Whistle & Horns.
    And many More……..

Our Inflatable prize range includes:

  • Smelly Fruit Scent Balls
  • Fly Away Footballs in nets
  • Large Inflatable animal sticks
  • Inflatable Guitars
  • Inflatable Microphone
  • Inflatable Instruments
  • Football Hammers
  • Princess Wand
  • Smile Flower Wand
  • Jelly Hammers
  • Alien Stick
  • Big Sword
  • Lollipop Hammer
    And Many More………..

Our Carnival/Festival/Concert lines include:

  • Whistles
  • Horns
  • Hand Flags
  • Ponchos
  • Punch Balloons
  • Balls
  • Wiggly Worms
  • Foam Hands
  • Mega Balls
    And Many More………

Charity/School P.T.A. Fundraising Prizes

  • Pocket Money Toys
  • Soft Plush Toys
  • Bubble Tubs & Wands
  • Latest Craze Toys
  • Pet Walking Balloons
  • Ready-made prizes with Win & Loose Tickets
    And Many More………..