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Flashing Glow LED Tambourine

£32.40£112.32 (Ex V.A.T)

This item has mass appeal, from school and dance productions to festival/concerts/parades and good old fashioned hen nights. Comes in the 4 nice mixed colours of pink/blue/yellow/clear. Each tambourine lights up with flashing led’s. Bag packing with header card, comes complete with 3 x replaceable AG13 batteries with protection tab. 24/pc inner cartons and 96/pc to a full carton.

Bright Coloured Woofer Cheer Spectator Blow Horns

£22.91£79.68 (Ex V.A.T)

Always popular at sporting events music festivals and street carnivals. The bright colour loud woofer cheer spectator horn on a cord. 4 mixed bright colours of yellow, orange. pink & green. 1/pc header bag packing 24/pc inner carton and 96/pc to a full carton. Not suitable for children under 5yrs old.

Festival Loud Metal Whistles On Neon Cord With Safety Breaker

£17.00£200.00 (Ex V.A.T)

The old favourite ! Great for sporting/olympic events, a huge seller at concerts and festival. A good quality loud metal whistle on a multi coloured cord now comes with safety breaker for UK standards. Packing 1/pc sealed bag 50/pc inner carton and 1000/pc to a full carton.

carnival prizes

Tri Tone Rasta Jamaica Samba Carnival Whistle

£35.00£300.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Becoming more and more popular at big carnival events, this is the 3 tone Tri samba carnnival whistle in Rasta Jamaican coloured lace with safety necklace breaker. Hard to find and expensive in the UK a new exclusive line for this year. 100 & 50/pc sealed bag packing and 600/pc to a full carton.

Pet Tease Wiggly Fur Worms On Sticks

£32.00£58.00 (Ex V.A.T)

A novelty that has never gone out of fashion, over 5ft in length end to end, the wiggly pet’s worm is a true carnival and seaside favourite. Made in the UK with CE stickers and safe sticks. 50 & 100/pc mixed vibrant colours to a bag.

Yellow Smile Face Quality Inflatable Punch Balloons

£14.00£90.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Best quality around and can be blown up to a huge 24 inch approx diameter in NEW bright yellow with a smiley face. Add rice inside for extra noise. Punch balloons are NOT suitable for children under 8yrs. Packing 50/100pc bag 500/pc to a full carton.

Neon Pearlised Latex Punch Balloon 7 Bright Colours

£12.60£45.60 (Ex V.A.T)

Super Quality CE Approved and safety tested with warning details on each balloon these vivid bright neon coloured latex pearlised punch balloons blow up to a big 32cm (approx) in size. A must for school PTA Charity Fundraising and carnival/festival events 60/pc in each colourful display box and a total of 240/pc to a carton.

Blue Icicle Snowflake Punch Ball Latex Balloon

£12.60£45.60 (Ex V.A.T)

Very popular due to the Frozen film franchise and merchandise. These blue icicle snowflake punch balloons will delight children as gifts or bring in good fundraising potential over holiday periods. Tested to very high safety standards in a counter display box of 60/pc and 240/pc carton. LTD Stock.

Inflatable Pet Animal Walking Air Balloons As Seen On The Apperentice TV

£42.50£75.00 (Ex V.A.T)

As featured as a hot seller on BBC Apprentice and amazing as prize eveytime or for school and charity fundraising or holiday gift shops and market grafters. No feeding, No cleaning up & No walking ! RESULT 🙂 The animal walking pet balloon will delight children and adults alike. Cleverly designed with weighted cardboard feet, these animals give the effect of walking on air. Just fill with Helium from any florist or party shop add the ribbon and there you have an instant walking pull along baloon pet. All designs come flat packed and will include a mix from our range that may include Dinosaur, Dog, Horse, Frog, Panda, Bunny, Cat, Elephant,Lady Bird, Zebra, Penguin and more. 50/pc and 100pc to a carton.

Union Jack Hand Waving Prom Festival Flags

£18.00£135.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Suitable for BIG Royal arrival events and Proms In The Park festvals. The ever popular Union Jack hand waving flag made from PU material on a plastic stick, flag is printed both sides unlike some cheaper copies. Size of flag is approx 20x30cm and the stick is 40cm in length. 500/100/pc bags and 1000/pc to a full carton.

120 Clear Hooded Rain Poncho Emergency Rain wear

£66.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Always a good line at festivals markets and outside events with the British weather! Disposable rainwear poncho, one size fits all adults a generous full length with hood 50″x 80″ made from 100% waterproof clear vinyl with machine welded seams. 1/pc plain sealed bag 100/pc to this carton. Packing design may vary depending on suppliers.

30/pc Coloured Emergency Rain Ponchos

£15.00 (Ex V.A.T)

A pack of 30 emergancy rain ponchos, ideal fast selling line if the weather changes. Great for festivals, concerts, markets and outdoor events. Good profit potential on these. 30/pc mixed colours.