A chance to save £££’s on our clearance lines. These items can be overstocked/end of line/samples or just old stock that may require new batteries. Please note any clearance lines are sold NO RETURNS but can represent great value for money

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24/pc Mixed Assorted Clearance Light Up Selection

£30.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Represents great value and these always sell out FAST! 24 mixed light up flashing led items, which can include swords,spinners,headbands,bubble wands,bubble guns,fibre optics,wands,sticks etc as seen in the picture. Ideal if you want a small assortment of light up novelties. Made up of samples, end of line,clearance and re-packaged items all come complete with batteries. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON SALE/CLEARANCE ITEMS.

144/pc Flashing LED Christmas Tree Ball Wand ** SALE ONLY 90p **

£162.72 (Ex V.A.T)

** End Of Line Clearance Sale ONLY 90p each **. A crystal type Christmas tree lights up with hyper bright red/green/blue led’s in the tree part and also the projection ball giving an amazing array of patterns and effects. Now in stunning chrome effect pink & blue handles Just over 13″ (inches approx) in size has 3 functions and comes complete with 4 x AG13 replaceable cell batteries. 1/pc bag packing and 24/pc inner carton and 144/pc to this full carton. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON END OF LINE CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS.

96/pc Light Up Clear Case LED Noodle Ball Spinner ** SALE NOW ONLY £1.65 **

£158.40 (Ex V.A.T)

** END OF LINE CLEARANCE SALEE **. Superb effects from this noodle ball spinner. Already a BIG hit in 2016 the all NEW 2017 version now has a fantastic light up clear shell in red and blue, so not only do you get an amazing array of red/green/blue/yellow patterns the handle lights up with a bright red or blue led. Boasting 7 led’s in total this item will sell out FAST! Comes complete with 3 x AAA free economy replaceable batteries with protection tab. 1/pc bag packing 24/pc inner and 96/pc to this full carton. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS

30/pc Large Zombie Monster Soft Plush Toy ** ON SALE ONLY £1 **

£30.00 (Ex V.A.T)

** END OF LINE CLEARANCE SALE ** Great for Halloween or spooktacular events. A HUGE 18″ (inches approx) in size at an amazingly low price! Will make a superb prize every time win or tombola stall prize. Ideal for charity school and charity events. These look so impressive for the money! LTD Stock 30/pc bag made up of mixed designs and colours. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS.

36/pc Magic Amazing Dancing Fountain Water LED Wand ** ONLY £1 **

£36.00 (Ex V.A.T)

**CLEARANCE** Almost less than half price and well below cost. NOW ONLY £1 each We have never seen anything quite like this AMAZING. Based on the popular water speakers this is the hand held led magic water fountain wand. Watch the magical jets of water light up red green and blue as they dance to the cheesy built in music (that can also be turned off). Something totally different that will delight all ages. Comes complete with 3 x AA FREE batteries with protection tab mixed coloured handles of red/blue/pink 1/pc Display box 36/pc inner carton. All clearance sale items are sold on a strict NON return basis.

100/pc LED Flashing R/G/B 3 Function On/Off Fidget Finger Spinner ** NOW ONLY 50p **

£50.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Clearance Sale ON SALE AT MUCH LESS THAN COST!!! ONLY 50p Don’t confuse these with cheaper versions, our LED Finger Fidget Spinner has 3 selectable red/green/blue flashing patterns. LED’s can be turned off by a switch and are not motion sensors unlike the cheap versions you throw away, you can also change the batteries on ours. CE Tested and fully labeled 1/pc display box 100/pc to this carton. Random mixed shell colours of red/blue/white/black. NO RETURNS ON SALE CLEARANCE ITEMS.

72/pc Magic 3D Kinetic Flowing Ring ** ON SALE ONLY £1 EACH **

£72.00 (Ex V.A.T)

** END OF LINE CLEARANCE SALE ONLY £1 ** This item is so HOT the biggest craze of 2018? Kids and adults alike will be amazed at this flowwing metal spring, great stress relief and very hard to put down. GET THEM FAST…. 24/pc inner and 72/pc full carton. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED ON CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS.

144/ Squishy soft foam stress slow rising toys ** ON SALE ONLY 65p **

£93.60 (Ex V.A.T)

** ON CLEARANCE SALE AND ONLY 65P EACH ** Get them while they are HOT! A good mixed selection ranging in size from 5-11cm in counter top display box and individual plastic boxes some on key chains. Suitable for ages 8+ they are a massive line. We have LTD stock on these and will sell out fast! 12/pc counter display box and 144/pc to this carton. NO RETURNS ON CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS.

480/pc Green Max AA Eco Energy Plus Batteries

£24.00 (Ex V.A.T)

Dated 2017 but tested and working well. These AA Eco friendly Green Max batteries are ideal spares/replacements for our light up toys. On clearance because of the date at only 5p each! BARGAIN. Be quick TLD Stock. 48 x 10/pc card total 480 AA batteries. NO RETURNS ON CLEARANCE GOODS.

100 Come On England Big Foam Spectator Hands ** ONLY £1 **

£100.00 (Ex V.A.T)

End Of Line Clearance SALE PRICE….. Only 10 cartons available. The BIG (approx 45cm in height) Come On England St George foam spectator style foam hands, fantastic for many England sports and gaming spectator events. 10/pc bag of white foam with red print. 100/pc to this full carton. No returns accepted on clearance items.

100 Pairs England St George Inflatable Bang Bang Cheer Sticks ** ONLY 35p **

£35.00 (Ex V.A.T)

ON Sale ONLY 35p pair! So popular at sporting events now. The England St George red and white bang bang cheer sticks, these come as a pair in a pack with a small white straw used to inflate the stick, bang them together once inflated to give a bang bang cheer sound. Approx 22″ (inches) in length 1 pair + straw per pack 50 packs in a bag and 2 x packs total100 pairs